Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Welcome to Coney's Demolition Boulevard

Demolition Row w Bldgs

We're returning to the topic of Coney Island demolition to provide a sense of the scope and scale of the demolition being done by Thor Equities. The photo above shows the parcels on the left and on the right, along with renditions of the buildings that Thor might want to build there. The renderings were mistakenly posted last summer, then hastily pulled down. They are interesting in that they're one of the few illustrations of the height of the buildings that Thor might build. (This assumes that they will build anything at all rather than leaving Coney Island as a devastated wasteland of demolished acreage if they are denied the residential zoning which they are seeking in the amusement district.) The map below outlines the parcels that are being demolished.

Demolition Map

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good work here, Robert. We bust your balls when you're too 'clever' by half and don't do the legwork. Next step-- head out with the digital camera and see for yourself.

Drop the horse's ass "blogger" irony and dig the streets. Rhetorical Q: imagine if you had been here to follow Ikea from the beginning? Or garbage barges, power plants etc etc?

Point is: you CAN do something useful; step ** outside **, NOT fucking online & it's far more likely you will.

(90% of the people you link to ignorant to the nth degree; get another "hobby"?)

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

area looks prime for development

1:27 PM  

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