Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Enrique Norten: The New Brooklyn Starchitect of Choice

Is Enrique Norten the Brooklyn starchitect of choice? Well, Atlantic Yards has Frank Gehry, but Mr. Norten and his firm TEN Arquitectos could be closing fast. Mr. Norten will apparently be designing new buildings on Thor Equities property in Red Hook where the Revere Dome stood until recently. A neighborhood source says that Mr. Norten's work there is "a certainty" and that he would design up to six mid-rise buildings. That is, if the zoning on the property is changed from manufacturing to mixed use, including housing.

Elsewhere, Mr. Norten has a design for a project known as the Park Slope Apartments on Fourth Avenue and Sixth Street (rendering above). While there's no sign of movement on the site, the properties--391 and 393 Fourth Avenue and 278 Sixth Street--were bought for nearly $8 million by 6th Street Development LLC. The gas station in the rendering here has since been sold and is being developed as a condo. The building surrounded by black netting is Leviev Boymelgreen's Novo Park Slope.

Mr. Norten, of course, has also produced a design for the Brooklyn Visual and Performing Arts Library. That is the interesting-looking glass structure pictured above and to the left whose progress has been stalled for some time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr. Ratner could buy some community support if he paid for the library, which cannot seem to raise funds while the basketball stadium is built a couple blocks away

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