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Guy Who Went Off in Kensington Post Office Says It's the 'Peaceful Season'

Maybe you remember the guy who went a little nuts in the head at the Kensington Post Office and became a YouTube star? (If you didn't catch it, here's another easy opportunity, to the right.) Well, Jotham Sederstrom wrote about him this week after he "outed himself" to the Daily News. We're reposting the article here because the "new and improved" NYDN website is so awful that it has rendered itself almost useless. (Note to NYDN web people: Please fix it. We can't blog or link good Brooklyn stories that we can't find.) Here's some of what Mr. Sederstrom wrote:
The outraged customer of a notorious Brooklyn post office whose profanity-laced outburst was immortalized on wants to put the mess behind him.

Unemployed receptionist Richard Marino, 44, outed himself to the Daily News as the man in the video having an explosive postal meltdown after enduring long lines and rude service at the Kensington post office branch. The tirade drew sympathy from many fellow customers, and the five-minute, 43-second clip became an Internet sensation.

"I am struggling to put it behind me and move forward. I want to send positive vibes out to all concerned, without any animosity and grudges, and let God take care of the outcome," Marino told The News.

The clip shows an irate Marino demanding to see a manager - until cops step in. "The customer's always right; you were wrong!" Marino shouts to an unseen clerk, apparently the only one working the windows that afternoon.

"You were wrong. You're an a-----e," Marino says as he paces.

But Marino said he isn't the lunatic he's made out to be in the YouTube clip, which has been viewed more than 20,000 times - 18,000 of those after The News identified the videographer last month as fellow Kensington resident and marketing executive Jefferson Pang, who captured the footage in December.

"I am a very active, involved, diligent, mindful, aware, alert, watchful member of my community," Marino said last week, adding that he is a detail-oriented, regular participant in Community Board 12 and 66th Precinct Community Council meetings.

The McDonald Ave. post office came under fire recently after customers complained of routinely spotty service, employees' bad attitudes and a lack of postal equipment.

As of last week, however, it was clear that some fellow customers at the Kensington branch seemed to believe the location still needed more improvement.

"To everyone who is like, 'Oh my gosh, that man is way out of line!' Um, no, he isn't," one YouTube viewer wrote...

Marino said he wants to let bygones be bygones.

"During this season of Easter and Passover, which is a blessed, holy, peaceful season, I have decided to keep the peace and move on," Marino wrote in an e-mail to The News. "God wants us to be instruments of his peace, and those of us whom believe in Jesus Christ abide by His teaching of forgiveness and letting it go."
All righty, then.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Granted there's probably bad service, but he sounds like a misogynist. Misogyny always comes out in the heat of the moment, if you're a woman dealing with some jerky guy.

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait, you can't call a jerky woman a bitch without being misogynist? does that mean i can't call a guy a dick, either? when will this madness end?

12:20 PM  

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