Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Brooklyn Greenway Initiative Meeting Tomorrow Night

There's a planning workshop for the Greenpoint and Williamsburg portion of the Brooklyn Greenway coming up tomorrow night (5/24). It starts at 6PM and will take place at the Brooklyn Brewery at 79 North 11th St. The meeting is described as follows:
Join residents and organizations of Greenpoint and Williamsburg to help shape the plan for the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway. Many elements of the greenway are provided for in the Parks Department’s Waterfront Master Plan for Greenpoint-Williamsburg. This workshop will consider those elements which are not yet programmed.

Brooklyn Greenway Initiative and Regional Plan Association will provide background information and studies to support the discussion of planning options. Participants will break into groups with maps, aerial photographs and diagrams to brainstorm, explore possibilities and achieve consensus on route location, configuration, design features and user facilities.
You can check out the Brooklyn Greenway website for more information about the meeting and about the project, which is coming along quite nicely, given the large number of private and public land that involved in creating the greenway. (If you pick up a copy of the User's Guide to the Brooklyn Greenway, GL contributed a couple of the photos, of the Gowanus and of Newtown Creek, naturally.) There's apparently a free beer tasting after the workshop, if that's an incentive.



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