Thursday, June 28, 2007

360 Smith Street #2: More Issues for Mr. Scarano

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Don't look now, but it seems that the State Education Department says that it's "working closely" with the city's Department of Buildings on the subject of architect Robert Scarano. Word comes via the office of City Council Member Bill de Blasio, which relates a letter from the Education Department that says:
Please be advised that we are working closely with the NYC Department of Buildings on a number of investigations focused upon Robert Scarano, RA. I am forwarding a copy of your letter to the Supervising Investigator Thomas Rogers, who will contact you and will open an investigation…
Mr. de Blasio is seeking to have the department take Mr. Scarano's professional certification and has been sending out emails and making statements to that effect. Meanwhile, the Council Member is circulating a letter and urging that it be sent to the developer of the 360 Smith Street building that has stirred a pot of controversy that extend far beyond that one structure. The letter says in part:
I am writing about the proposed building plan for 360 Smith Street, Brooklyn. You are currently employing Mr. Robert Scarano as the architect on the project. Mr. Scarano is currently under a number of investigations by the New York State Education Department.

I am respectfully requesting that you utilize another architect to design your project. Not only because Mr. Scarano is under investigation by the NYS Education Department but also because he is synonymous with bad developers and contractors. Projects that he has designed or been associated with have received numerous complaints from neighbors in addition to being subject to these investigations.

Carroll Gardens is a special place, and the residents would like to keep it that way. They are not opposed to building on the site at 360 Smith Street, but want to make sure that a responsible architect is employed on the project. Mr. Scarano has shown himself to be anything but responsible.

I urge you to find another architect before moving forward with this project.
Much more to come on this one.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

He lost his professional certification months ago. Wake up little people. Anom

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, it looks like his registration is still in good standing.


11:18 AM  

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