Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Crime Down, but Chickens Running Wild in Prospect Park

We are pleased to report that the NYPD says that crime is down in Prospect Park and two dozen more cops are now on summer duty in the park, but we hear that marauding chickens are on the loose. Whether they're escapees from a live poultry place, runaways from a backyard or had to cross a lot of roads to get there, we don't know. In recent weeks, not one, but two chicken sightings have been reported (different chickens, we think, or maybe the same one...we're a little unclear). The most recent, uh, free-park chicken was reported at the Harmony Playground, which is near the Prospect Park Band Shell where Celebrate Brooklyn is held. This would make the chicken a stone's throw from being a resident of Prospect Park West. (The photo here is not one of the actual Prospect Park Chickens. We only learned of their existence when the person that called the cops to report the chicken thanked the local Precinct Commander for the professional way in which officers, uh, dealt with the chicken issue. These, of course, are only the latest in a long line of chickens seen over many years in and around the park.) We don't know about Chicken No. 1, but Chicken No. 2 was apprehended through interagency cooperation between the Parks Department and NYPD. No word on the bird's fate and we're afraid to ask. Maybe they took it to Greenpoint?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only evidence of chickens in Prospect Park that I see are bones ... and more bones ... every Monday morning.

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