Monday, July 23, 2007

Thor's Vacant Coney Island Land Looks Great

Vacant Coney Land

After months of looking ratty, the Coney Island land with rides demolished by Thor Equities has been totally cleared. The reason: the Cole Bros. Circus is coming to Coney starting July 30. The circus will occupy the cleared land where the Go-Kart tracks, bumper boats and batting cages once stood. After that, consider the big vacant city block a possible omen of the post-2007 Summer Season Coney Island. By next year, the Astroland property could look the same way and if Thor manages to get its hand on the entire Wonder Wheel Park site, well...

Even though developer Joe Sitt has said he wants to have amusements on the Astroland land, there has been no progress on keeping the park open. A bunch more photos of Thor's empty land is posted here.



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