Thursday, August 09, 2007

South Slope Building Finally Collapses, Neighboring Bldg Cleared


Perhaps you recall the case of 18-20 Jackson Place. We posted about the problem and safety issues back in May, which is why we say "finally" in the headline. Well, there's no need to worry about the building or the slow response by city officials. As you may know, it partially collapsed yesterday. Here's some of the email we got from Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights, which helped spread news of the serious safety issues and structural problems back in May:
Just got back from 18-20 Jackson Place, Scene of the 3/4 collapsed building. No need for back history at the moment, other than a derelict owner/developer who has left the building open to the elements for over a year, adjacent neighbors having to deal with damage and quality of life issues and a slow response in action (once they were made aware of the situation)...Andrew (at 22 Jackson Pl) and his neighbors said there was a huge "BOOM" (Andrew was in his basement), then it looked like 9-11 with all the dust, could not see a thing...then the dust cleared and whoa nelly!

Just got a call from the scene, DOB has issued a "vacate order" of 22 Jackson Pl. (they are allowing the family back in to get their belongings). Luckily Andrew, his wife and young child were not hurt, but now must pack up and find a place while DOB deems whether the demolition of 18-20 Jackson Pl. is immediate in the next 24 hrs or where further protection and remediation need to take place before a safe demo can be done...

Let's remember one thing folks: this not a case of an unsafe collapse due to some bad weather. This site has been a mess for years. In my personal opinion, criminal prosecution, if in order, should be filed against the owner.

Hopefully the rest of the structure will not collapse.
Which only goes to show that the Brooklyn land rush of the early 2000s can be just as effective as, well, a tornado.


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