Monday, September 24, 2007

Carroll Gardens Petition Signers Speak

The Caroll Gardens CORD group, which created and has been circulating a petition calling for a moratorium on certain types of development in the community until rezoning can be enacted, sent out an email highlighting some comments left by people that have signed. We thought a few are worth sharing:

"My husband and I are both 4 generation Carroll Garden residents whats going on in this neigborhood is changing the whole look and feel of what was once the best little neigborhoods in Brooklyn. This was like the suburbs of Brooklyn compared to other neighborhoods now it's starting to get the cold feeling like Manhattan."

"As a 25 year Carroll Gardens resident, I am deeply troubled by the crowding out of of family businesses by corporate franchises, and construction of "luxury" properties without regard for our traditional architecture. Where ARE our elected officials? Is Carroll Gardens going to submit to the greed of predatory developers who have no place in our neighborhood?"

"Please do not allow the charm and beauty of Carroll Gardens to be eroded with the presence of a structure which does not fit the neighborhood. Allow the local lawmakers to bring zoning laws to the present."

"I have spoken to so many people running away from their neighborhood because it was corrupted due to development which overpowered the neighborhood and was not in keeping with the character of same. They have all moved here - let's not disappoint them - please don't sanction theruining of Carroll Gardens, my home."

"Stop this insanity and down zone please now before it is too late. I love it here. It is not Manhattan. That's what I love so much!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is all too true. From my window facing south on 4th Place, I can see the building at 100 Luquer quickley rising to it's 11 floors. If anyone thinks that landscape of Carroll Gardens doesn't need to be protected by rezoning. Just key an eye on the southern skyline. It is about to change dramatically.

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