Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Sign of Change in Red Hook: Marine Firm Moves to Jersey

Ramberg One

[Photo courtesy of Chris Curen]

Call it another sign of the changing times. Red Hook resident Chris Curen, who has contributed a variety of of excellent photos and stories to GL, emailed us the photo and the information that Ramberg Marine Inc., which is located at 37 Dwight Street, is toast. The company, which is more or less across the street from the future Red Hook Ikea is "moving to New Jersey after 82 years in Red Hook," he writes. The company, which employs about 15 people, has sold to one of its best customers and no jobs will be lost when they move to Jersey. (Brooklyn and Red Hook pride are another matter.) Mr. Curen writes that "they they profess no connection with their moving and the IKEA/Graving Dock issue." Readers might recall that Ikea filled in the Graving Dock at the old Todd Shipyard so that it could be used for parking; many advocates wanted it preserved to repair ships, as such facilities are in short supply in the New York area. Mr. Curen notes the key what-come-next question: "Next question: what happens to the building? KFC?" And so it goes.

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