Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Well at Roebling Oil Field

Found Oil

At least one more test well has been sunk to check for oil on N. 11th Street adjacent to the Roebling Oil Field and Roebling Oil Building in Williamsburg. It bring the total number of test well in the immediate area to about a dozen. The lastest well was so new when we came across it that there was a cone there to keep cars away from the fresh concrete. In the meantime, one can see the oil stains on the sidewalk in the photo of another well, below. It seems to be an indication that the ground around the Roebling Oil Building is still giving up Black Gold.

Brand New Test Well

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there were truly a massive amount of oil beneath the ground, why would they be drilling well after well? Seems like someone is desperate to find something that just doesn't seem to be there.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

City hs been digging all around Burg last few months....they must be getting scared. They has a test well dug on the sidewalk of Berry and N.1st earlier this summer. It was done quickly. Across the street it the big empty lot where there is planned a big dev on Metropolitan. The site of the Old Dutch Mustard Bldg is included...They will have to dig down alot for the height of that building....get ready for some more "funny gas smell" incidents....the canary in the coal mine of toxic sludge finding its way under your property neighbors!!

The locals better get organized b/c they are gonna find out too late how badly they are being screwed.

They think they have valuable property b/c the condo building here? Ha...the developers will get out and the risks stays with those who remain..there will be no one to sue to pay for the toxic damage done

9:53 AM  

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