Sunday, November 25, 2007

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

Once a week, we like to highlight comments that GL readers have left during the previous seven days. Here's a selection from the last week:

Ikea Using Ripped Out Beard Street Cobblestones in Parking Lot. "I think you are not very far off the mark about them using the cobbles to pave over the graving dock. Having some familiarity with a very early iteration of the plan, Ikea was going to use a band of cobbles to "outline" where the dock is buried under all that fill and asphalt." [Anonymous]

Grand Army Plaza in Lights. "Argh! What message does this send to everyone in the neighborhoods around the other park entrances? 'Sorry, but you just don't matter anymore'? That's kind of a slap in the face to everyone in South Slope, Windsor Terrace, Crown Heights, Prospect Lefferts, etc. (Even when they did put up lights last year, the non-GAP entrances got lower-quality displays.)" [Anonymous]

Fart Fest #1: Take Your Stop Work Order and Stick It. "MMG demo has been violated in the past. Ms Grasso , you don't have a permit to do mechanical demolitions. Only manual until you take stuff down until it IS BELOW 8 feet tall. The backhoes were used last week to slam into a 15 foot tall wall. (in the pictures it is the missing wall to the right of the neighbors shed)...It is businesses like yours, that make progress so extra painful, dangerous, and cause tenants to have so much hatred for you." [Anonymous]

Fart Fest #1: Take Your Stop Work Order and Stick It. "With what I have seen all over Brooklyn, your should be lucky Ms. Grasso was the owner of the demolition company. There are other demo companies that would have done damage to that building, making it inhabitable without a second thought or losing any sleep over it." [Anonymous]



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