Saturday, November 24, 2007

Assemblyman Asks Dept. of Buildings to Keep Eye on Fart Cloud Building Demolition

Assemblyman Joe Lentol has jumped into the Giant Fart Cloud Building fray. You might recall that the Department of Buildings halted the demolition of 5 Roebling (aka the Giant Fart Cloud Building) last week for being unsafe. The demolition had threatened to destabilize at least one neighboring building. Today, New York Shitty posts a copy of a letter that Assem. Lentol, whose district includes both Williamsburg and Greenpoint, sent to the Department of Buildings. In it, he cites letters from constituents complaining about "dangerous work practices" at the site and says "the Building Department must order frequent inspections" of work at 5 Roebling. A Partial Stop Work Order is still in effect for the site. It allows safety work and debris removal. Proper oversight of the project will be key to ensuring that no one becomes homeless during the completion of demolition and, even more to the point, during the construction of a new building. Sadly, there are dozens of other sites in Brooklyn that require "frequent inspections."

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