Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Return to Manhattan Beach: Mudslinging Time

Manhattan Beach Cover

[Image courtesy of the Brooklyn View]

When last we paid attention to Manhattan Beach, the neighborhood chitchat was about privatizing the beach to keep out "thugs." Well, the Manhattan Beach Community Group, from whence the controversy came, is electing a president. (Bear us out on this, it gets quite interesting.) GerritsenBeach.Net, which does a superb job of chronicling interesting things in Southern Brooklyn, picks up a fascinating story from the PDF-only Brooklyn view. At issue are the two rivals for civic leadership, one of whom is apparently supported by Sen. Carl Kruger, most recently heard from for shutting down the Coney Island Development Corporation's informational community forum about Coney Island rezoning. The two civic rivals are Manhattan Beach Community Group President Dr. Ron Biondo and VP Ira Zalcman. Group members are circulating some of their emails. From the Brooklyn View via GerritsenBeach.Net:
One email from Zalcman said, “So we have BBQ smoke, dead fish smell, feet in the fountains, garbage everywhere and a policeman sitting on his you know what.” It continued, “To me, can your (sic) VP do anything about this like making the beach into a private spa charging 1000 (sic) million dollars.” Zalcman said that the email was tongue in cheek and he was not talking about any race.

One email dated February 16, 2007, sent at 1:35 p.m., Biondo said, “We had a meeting last night and changed the proposal from the company. Please notify the rest of the troops that we want to get this done to make MB a safer community especially in the summer when most of the animals in the community are on two legs.”

Another email sent from Biondo on May 29,2007, stated, “I hate watching thugs parade down my block. Imagine a group of white boys parading down Livonia Ave.”...

Some members opposed to Biondo, say he has already garnered support from Councilman Mike Nelson and State Senator Carl Kruger. Politicians don’t usually get involved with civic groups. State Senator Carl Kruger’s office denies his support wholeheartedly. However, members of he community say he and Councilman Mike Nelson are secretly endorsing Biondo. Community residents say Nelson and Kruger are heavily influenced by developers ...
And you thought civic groups were boring.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally, people woke up from their deep sleep of denial. This has been on my mind since the time I was attending KBCC , which was a few years ago. I always thought this community goes through difficulties, especially during the summer season. This much I know, most people that attendant community college unfortunately,care less about area. They throw garbage on the streets, thugs drive in blasting their car music. I do sympathize with people that live there. Why cant they make a beach private in order to keep area clean, safe and enjoyable that community contribute it so much?


11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this has been going on for the 35 years we have lived in manhattan beach. In fact we never use the beach in the summer because it's disgusting. dirty, broken glass and the cooking smells.....

why is cooking permitted is beyond me it creates smoke, the participants leave a mess which attracts vermin and they camp out from morning until night.

10:44 AM  

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