Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brooklyn Nibbles: Park Slope/Gowanus Openings

Brooklyn Bean Storefront

1) We assume the new cafe at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Carroll Street on the Gowanus side of the tracks is still going to be called Brooklyn Bean, although the mural on the plywood has come down revealing the storefront. It's of interest because the Fourth Avenue Brooklyn Bean is not related to the Atlantic Avenue and we've been wondering if there was a legal War of the Beans, uh, brewing in the background.

2) A reader writes that a new barbecue spot is going to be opening on Third Avenue and Sixth Street in Gowanus. We don't know if this is a new location for a South Slope/Greenwood Heights restaurant that is said to be closing. In any case, our tipster writes: "We were walking our son to daycare this morning and noticed that on 3rd and 6th (I think)--across from the big commercial project with the blue plywood fence--the brick building on the corner with the corrugated metal doors had 'Brick Oven Barbe-QUE Coming Soon' written on them. It wasn't there yesterday. We're psyched."

3) Work is progressing on Bar Toto's sister establishment, which will be opening at Third Avenue and Ninth Street in a space that looks like it's going to be quite nice. It's named Bar Tano and will feature a long zinc bar, pressed tin wall and grilled pizzas. The same reader who informs about the barbecue spot says that the new restaurant "is set to open in the next few weeks apparently." If a couple of more eateries open, does it mean that Third Avenue is the new Fourth Avenue?

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Blogger JJ-nyc said...

A "few weeks" is what they've been saying since before Thanksgiving. I saw them having a friends and family type event about 2 weeks ago, but no movement since. Probably waiting on their liquor license.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're open now! Just opened last Thursday. I walked past a few minutes ago and the place is packed. I was a bit surprised.

9:08 PM  

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