Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Greenpoint's Crater Lake to Offer Skating in Winter?

Crater Lake in Winter

This is not the first time we've posted a photo of the site we like to called Greenpoint's Crater Lake, but we passed by the site the other day and found that the only things that have changed are that the banks of the crater have eroded a bit and that ice was forming on the surface in the cold weather. We first posted about the site, which is at 265 Eckford Street, in June. We followed up with a response from the contractor, who said that he had done the best that he could in a bad situation. We returned with some shots in October. All we can wonder, looking at any of the photos, is what it must be like living next to a hole that looks like it can swallow up one's home at any moment. On the bright side, ice skating right on the block.



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