Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Burg Development & Something in the Air on Roebling

Roebling N9 One

First, the interesting development related news: Work appears to be getting underway to make way for a new Karl Fischer building at the corner of Roebling and N. 9 Streets in Williamsburg. Now the rest of it: We know this because on Sunday, a big crew of workers was up on the roof of the building doing what appeared to be the early phase of asbestos removal. There are no demolition permits issued for the building, although asbestos removal permits come through the Department of Environmental Protection. (We don't know if DEP allows work at 11AM on Sunday morning in a howling wind when church services are going on a half block away downwind.) Regardless, there are two possibilities here: Demolition work going on on a Sunday morning with no permits being issued at all on the building or, alternately, the work is connected to asbestos removal. The building is located at 261 N. 9 Street. It will eventually be a five-story Karl Fischer building with 91 units.

Roebling N9 Two

Roebling N9 Three

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