Friday, February 15, 2008

Carroll Gardens' Casa Rosa Building on the Market on Court St.


Is this the image of a 2009 Carroll Gardens development discussion? A "for sale" sign has gone up at 227 Carroll Street, which houses the Casa Rosa restaurant. Last night, we got an email titled "Development Fever Spreading," that said "huge realtor sign on Casa Rosa Restaurant....Building for Sale...development Site..." It's being marketed by Massey Knakal and the asking price for the small corner parcel is $3.3 million. One can only assume that, at that price, the buyer is not interested in the small building for opening another Italian restaurant. Carroll Gardens #1 watchdog, Pardon Me for Asking, had photos of the restaurant and the sign ready to go before the email went to a long list of people. Odds of neighborhood controversy when the buyer decides to cash in on the development and put up a new building on the corner: significantly greater than 50-50.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh My God. I am so sad. I walked by there yesterday and saw nothing but a waiter setting a table. I am so afraid. Very afraid. No longer will I say that I live in an Italian Neighborhood. I will have to say, I live in what used to be an Italian neighborhood.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes this looks like the end of CG as we once knew and lived it. How tragic. This is overdevelopment at its entire neighborhood sacrificed to greed and the refusal of those in authority to take charge and do the right thing. There is big big money being made here and we will never see a dime...and only we will live the consequences.

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this looks like the end? the end was here long ago. just moved out, born and raised there, 56 years. last few years there were very depressing, watching as my family and friends, one by one, were priced out. i have the most wonderful memories of this neighborhood, which the new people will never know. my son also had the privilege of growing up there where everyone knew you and we all watched out for each other. this is indeed a very tragic situation and yes, one solely fueled by greed and indifference. i hope the greedy developers get what is coming to them! people will never know how many lives have been ruined because of this.

11:09 PM  

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