Monday, April 21, 2008

Brooklyn Nibbles: Slope's Aperitivo is Aperto & More

Apperitivo Open

1) Aperitivo, the new Italian offering on Fifth Avenue from the owners of Seventh Avenue's Sotto Voce, is open. We found it jammed on Friday night and open to the beautiful spring night air. Chalk it up as an instant smash hit.

2) The much publicized Barrio on Seventh Avenue had a teaser opening on Friday night, with colorful lights in the outdoor dining area and a crowd of diners, but that was it for the weekend. On Saturday, the restaurant was sealed tight. We'll assume there was a invite-only opening on Friday.

3) Another Uncle Louie G's is opening in Park Slope on Fifth Avenue, near Seventh Street, making it the neighborhood's third. The other two are on Union Street and on Seventh Avenue. How many Louie G's can the world handle? We may find out.

4) Thai Tony's, an outpost of a Thai restaurant in Kensington has opened on Seventh Avenue between 15th and 16th in place of a Thai restaurant called Nick. Nick, in turn, occupied the spot vacated by Brawta Outpost. And so it goes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, if you don't mind 1) having to run down the street for a bottle of wine after you've been seated (no sign in the window that they don't have a liquor license; 2) having one (1!) complimentary glass of wine that ain't worth the price; 3) waiting 1/2 hour for your apps and another 45 for your entrees while 3 servers come by (as you're sitting there with nothing on the table) asking "is everything all right?" 4) see 3, the reason it's "packed" is 'cuz everyone is waiting for their food--well then this is the place for you! Oh, and the waitstaff is inept, the management is worse, and had I known they were related to the awful Sotto Voce I never would have bothered--the food is OK. Not great, just OK.

10:47 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

Crazy...Im sitting behind some of the passers by in that picture... the first comment really says it all. Opening night did not go smoothly.

9:51 PM  

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