Monday, April 21, 2008

Carroll Gardens Democracy Wall Comes Back as Love Fence

Love Wall Two

The Carroll Gardens Democracy Wall, which had been used by residents as a kind of community bulletin board since last year, disappeared last week behind the big blue construction fence for the controversial 360 Smith development. While it's unclear if the blue fence will end up serving the same purpose or just get plastered with advertising the way that many do, the fence has taken a turn in the direction of love, being decorated with hearts. One resident who noted the shift from confrontation over the project to hearts joked, "I guess someone wants to smother [360 Smith developer] Billy Stein with love." We particularly enjoyed the juxtaposition between Department of Buildings permits and little red hearts. Love thy developer, always.

Love Wall One

Love Wall Three

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Blogger Conor said...

Yesterday on my way home from the Carroll St stop, I noticed the the majority of the little red hearts had been cleaned off most surfaces of the walls.

9:18 AM  

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