Sunday, April 20, 2008

Disconnected on Craigslist: Hot Dude in Tight Pants on the L

Yes, it's Sunday and that means it is time to return to that ocean full of ships passing in the night known as the Craigslist Brooklyn Missed Connections. The instant we saw this entry, we know what we had to do:
Hot Dude on the L train - w4m - 25 (L Train)
this morning around 10 o'clock you and I were on the L train together. You had on pants that were so tight I could see your panty-line. a little gross, but totally hot. you're hoodie had the best silkscreen i've seen all year. you were looking all around at all the hot girls in their spring getup, but you didn't seem to notice me. i was standing right across from you leaning against the door. i have dyed black hair and i wear all black all the time. some people call me goth, but they don't understand the pain i feel INSIDE. do you feel my pain? i felt yours, your pants were tight, i know that can be painful. if you don't e-mail me back i'm going to cry forever. I LOVE YOU TIGHT PANTS.
Inner Goth pain vs. tight pants pain. One comes from the soul. The other comes from the...crotch region. Which is more compelling?



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