Sunday, April 20, 2008

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

Every week, we take a look at comments left by our readers during the previous seven days. Here's a selection from this week:

Carroll Gardens Rumor Mill: "Pro-Development" Petition? "I respectfully disagree with your choice of words calling Buddy Scotto an 'activist' unless you mean by that he is active in encouraging large-scale, greedy developers to make a killing in CG where he and a few others stand to make a personal fortune as well. None of the current grassroots 'activists' (in the true sense) groups (there are many) is 'anti-development either'; they are merely pro-"responsible and contextual" development which the current development of course is NOT!"

Carroll Gardens Rumor Mill: "Pro-Development" Petition? "So many people who hide behind the 'contextual development' label are in fact anti-any-development. They are NIMBYS, since it's OK to develop elsewhere, but not in CG-BH. It was development that helped make CG the attractive and hip place it is today but now that you and your strollers are clogging the sidewalks its 'hey...stop it.. this is MY neighborhood!' Buddy Scotto was a champion of neighborhood revitilization twenty five years ago, when CG was little more than a sleepy Italian neighborhood and Smith St was nothing but ancient mon 'n pops and bodegas, and a good fifteen years before all of these gentrifiers moved in and set the stage you see today. He has more neighborhood bona-fides in his pinky than any of you can ever aspire to." [Anonymous]

If Attacked in Park Slope, Don't Fall Into a Flower Bed. "This story is so 'one sided'... the person who landed in the woman's flowers was drunk... If he/she were sober enough to explain the situation to the woman she might have had a different reaction." [Anonymous]

Slope's Cafe Eleven Space to Be Wine Bar, Neighbors Concerned. "whino, the mature and sophisticated banter being parried to and fro through the evening hours in this most cultured nabe will be so welcome indeed! anyone who lives hear knows it doesn't take a bar full of drunken skin-heads to cause enough of an annoyance- just a mere bar full of drunken sophisticates with senstive palates who are in denial in homage to their fixations." [Anonymous]

Slope's Cafe Eleven Space to Be Wine Bar, Neighbors Concerned.
"I think the real question of importance here is: Will they allow strollers?" [Richard Nickel Jr.]



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