Saturday, May 20, 2006

Cobble Hill-Carroll Gardens Monster: 11 Story Residential Tower Flips the Bird to South Brooklyn

You have to wonder how something like this passes muster. Comes news via Curbed of an 11-story building at 100 Luquer Street in Cobble Hill-Carroll Gardens now under construction. (Luquer Street last made news thanks to the rat infestation reported in the Daily News connected to construction of the building.)

The reader that brought this to Curbed's attention wrote, in part:
It's an eleven story building! How the flippin' heck does anyone get permission to build this!! WTF is going on at a city planning level to get this through?

First it's gentrification, and all those hipster kids. Then, the chain stores, putting the Mom and Pop stores out of business. Now this. Jees.

If they built this by the Gowanus I would say, bravo, its part of rejuvenating the area, and encouraging a new community of residents and businesses. But to put it up in a neighborhood were all the other buildings around are only four or five story's - well that's city planning at it's worst.

GL, for one, is in awe. Since Williamsburg already has a Finger Building, how about we call it: the Flipping the Bird Building?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice views of the truck and car drivers as they line up to pay the toll.
A million for this???
What asshole in the planning commission okayed this??
Fits so nicely in the community.

10:54 AM  

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