Thursday, May 04, 2006

Heard in Dumbo: The Sound of Leaks and Eeks

Our photo of the sign posted, stoop sale style, on Dumbo lamp posts advertising a $50K price cut on a 1BR at One Main, generated beaucoup response in our mailbox and at Curbed. Of particular interest are the comments of one writer who reports: "Went to 1 Main on Sunday to the the apt. Nice apt, but no views but of a large 'airshaft' type courtyard. The lobby was full of people handing out flyers for their open houses--at least six--both FSBO and brokers. What's up at One Main?"

What, indeed?

And, while we're at it, what's up with rumors of the, umm, rat issue at 70 Washington and the Curbed tipster that (excellent writing) called them "wolverine-sized rat bastards"?

Dumbo: Live. Work. Play. Keep a chair handy on which to stand.

The item generated many responses, a number also claiming significant issues with Ratus norvegicus.


Gowanus Lounge is accustomed to the scamper of little rodent paws, especially in spring. We are personally in awe of their ability to gnaw through trash cans. However, we prefer to encounter our furry friends outside our domicile. GL would expect a Rat Law of Direct Proportion to Sale Price that says the extermination effort should be directly proportional to square foot sale price. Which would mean, in the case of these rumored rodents, an in-house extermination program of such sophistication that future generations of exterminators will write case studies about it and conduct conferences about how those poor, big rat bastards in Dumbo never stood a chance.


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