Sunday, May 07, 2006

Incredible Photos of Greenpoint Terminal Market Fire Death Scene

greenpoint terminal warehouse, originally uploaded by insky.

When Gowanus Lounge was visiting the Greenpoint Terminal Market death scene yesterday, we noticed a photographer darting around behind the lines that prevent anyone from getting close to the rubble. The photog turned out to be the urban streetscape photographer who posts on flickr as insky. When GL talked to him, he showed thumbnails of a few of the shots he'd gotten from inside the complex. Insky's hands were still a little unsteady from the thrill of getting in and shooting the photos. A collection of 84 (very depressing), but incredible shots can be found at GL will also be posting his own shots of the death scene.

GL also notes the NY Times headline "Arson Was Found at 4 of Warehouse Owners Properties," -- four buildings owned by Greenpoint Terminal Market landlord Josh Guttman, according to the Times, have been felled by deliberately set fires since the 90s.



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i've been reading your stories over on cherry bleeds and you are either one of the most interesting people around these days or a writer with a frightfully strong imagination i aspire to match one day. i've read everything you've posted over there and can't get enough, so thanks.

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