Monday, May 22, 2006

Ironic News of the Day: Ratner Construction Fence Blows Over During Demolition of "Unsafe" Buildings

Gowanus Lounge loves irony, so we were amused by news of an itsy-bitsy (ironic) problem today at the Atlantic Yards site. As Forest City Ratner-Atlantic Yards watchers are well aware, demolition is underway on buildings that FCRC argued in court were "unsafe." (For non-Atlantic Yards addicts, all you need to know is that--in keeping with the current Brooklyn practice of tearing things down as fast as you can because once you level it, no one can do anything about it--the demolitions are happening far in advance of the project being finalized.) Comes news and photos from Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn that a construction fence blew over in today's wind at the site of the demolitions of 461 and 463 Dean Street. The stated reasons for the fast-track demolitions: to "protect the public" from "unsafe" buildings.


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