Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Prospect Park Crime Spree: Here Comes the Task Force

Nothing like bad publicity about a rash of nasty muggings by gangs of teenagers in one of Brooklyn's most affluent nabes to get action. After yesterday's story in the Post about "teenage wolf packs" terrorizing people in and around Prospect Park, the NYPD announced a Task Force to stop the crimes. (There was a rash of stories yesterday, including all of the local TV stations. Channel Two: "Police: Gangs are Not Terrorizing Prospect Park") At least 30 cops are being assigned to the park (and hopefully to adjoining streets like Prospect Park West, where many of the gang muggings have happened.)

The Post reported yesterday that nine people had been mugged in the most affluent reaches of Park Slope over the past six weeks. Three of the muggings took place in the last ten days. The first victims were teens. Some of the latest victims were adults. Some of the crimes took place at night; some happened in daylight.

As anyone familiar with Prospect Park West will tell the NYPD, very large groups of teenagers enjoy hanging out around the park, especially along Prospect Park West. A seeing eye dog could find them. Hopefully, the publicity and the police presence will help stop the muggings. If not, there's always yesterday's suggestion by Gothamist: Volunteer patrols organized by angry real estate agents that understand that getting mugged on one's front stoop by roving gangs of teenagers can act as a depressant on property values.


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When are the police going to begin a serious attempt to clean up the three circles/"Cashmere Vale" section of Prospect Park? I was out there walking on a Sunday afternoon and I thought I was going to get into an altercation with a young man (19 yrs old?) who was standing around, alone at the edge of one of the circles. He stopped, and strangely almost walked into me and my girlfriend. It is so obvious what is going on back there, and regular patrols would solve it.

7:55 AM  

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