Friday, May 12, 2006

This Just In: Photo of Miss Brooklyn Hurling!

Okay, it's a cheap trick to get your attention. But, Gowanus Lounge has very mixed feelings about Frank Gehry's naming of his big Atlantic Yards tower, Miss Brooklyn.

Yesterday, Frank O. explained how Miss Brooklyn (Could we do "Ms.," maybe?) came to be. "When we were studying Brooklyn, we happened upon a wedding, a real Brooklyn wedding," the architect said. "And we decided that Miss Brooklyn was a bride."

(What is a real Brooklyn wedding? As opposed to a fake one? Is that when, like, anthropologist Margaret Mead went to Samoa and saw a real Samoan wedding?)

Gehry went on to call a nearby building, Miss Brooklyn's "husband" and referred to another structure as the building with whom she will have an affair.

Projectile vomiting, anyone?

It's enough that the Atlantic Yards buildings will dwarf everything around them, but do they have to be adulterers and cuckholds too?

Let's call them damn big--really damn big--Frank Gehry buildings and be done with it.

Barely married, and GL already wants a divorce.


Anonymous Sonja Shield said...

Great photo. This whole thing is so absurd.

3:19 PM  

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