Thursday, June 08, 2006

Here Comes East River State Park in Williamsburg

East River State Park Three
In case you didn't catch our item about this over at Curbed, we're going to recap here because it's very much the interesting news and has otherwise gotten zero coverage: Work on East River State Park in Williamsburg on Kent Avenue between North 7th and North 9th Street is speeding along, and the park could open by the end of July. Now, this could be an attempt by the state to slip Billburg hipsters a mickey by giving them some waterfront open space to enjoy while taking their minds off the 40-story Edge development going up next door as we speak. Nonetheless, its 7-acres will be a pleasant spot. There are interesting industrial remnants on the site, including railroad tracks left over from the area's history as the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal, where rail cargo bound for Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island used to be unloaded in the late 1800s from rail cars that had come via ferry from New Jersey. No word, though, on whether Hipster Beach, which has been enjoyed by residents using the Old School unimproved, non-landscaped waterfront where all manner of fun went on will be preserved. Check out this video on You Tube called "Toxic Park" if you want a fun taste of the ungentrified waterfront past. Gowanus Lounge caught parts of it being filmed on a quiet day on the Billburg waterfront and had wondered what the heck was going on. Now we know.

East River State Park Two


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