Monday, June 19, 2006

Seventh Avenue Fair: Hot!

Seventh Avenue Fair
Is it Gowanus Lounge's imagination, or have the last several Seventh Avenue Street Fair's taken place on blazing hot days? Regardless, yesterday's big affair means that GL is now officially done for the year with New York City's template-like street fairs. Well, we were done with the first one of the season, but held out to attend the rain-dampened Fifth Avenue Fair and to take a quick walk through the Seventh Avenue offering on our way to catch the F Train to Coney Island (where it was at least 10 degree cooler than Park Slope in late afternoon). There is so little variation among the events that many of the same (non-neighborhood) vendors are in the same place, year after year. GL is certain that there are those that enjoyed yesterday's event in Park Slope, but we are not among them.


Anonymous angela said...

OH MY GOD yes--what a waste. stall after stall of indistinguishable, useless cr*p. All it does is create even more sidewalk garbage than there already is blowing around. Soul-numbing.

7:51 PM  

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