Saturday, July 22, 2006

Brooklinks: Saturday Visual and Sonic Edition

Coney Aerial

Brooklinks is a selection of Brooklyn-related news stories, blog entries and images:

Images and Sounds for a Saturday:
Russo Realty [bluejake]
Drive [Lex's Folly]
Flatbush Farm Photoset [jscandinaro/flickr]
The Ice Cream Man Cometh [burntsienna]
Brooklyn Bombshells v. Bronx Gridlock [Sunset Parker]
Camera in the Kitchen: Queen's Hideaway in Greenpoint [Gothamist]
Anti-Atlantic Yards Rally: The Videos [No Land Grab]
ABL: Radio - Omni Venerati Mixed by Bethany [A Brooklyn Life]
ABL: Radio - Liberties Mixed by Adam Smith [A Brooklyn Life]
Get 'Yer Paul Westerberg Acoustic Show Downloads [Free Williamsburg]

Why South Brooklyn is Lucky it isn't Northwest Queens:
Blackout Persists, 100K Without Power [NYT]
Crud, Sweat and Tears [NYDN]
Con Ed's Powerless Pinheads Outed in a Big Lie [NYPost]
Land of Rotten Food and Hot Tempers [NYDN]


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