Friday, July 21, 2006

Bonkers Bean Tossing Park Slope Mommy Update

So, is it the Park Slope part of the equation that provokes a shitstorm of commentary? Or is it the violent nature of the outburst? To recap: A stroller-pushing Park Slope mom was cut off by two cars while trying to cross the street in the South Slope and retaliated by throwing a can of beans (don't know the brand) at the back window of the car, busting up said auto glass and prompting a confrontation with the beaned driver. We reported this on Curbed via streetsblog a couple of days ago. The item was picked up by Gothamist, Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn and others. Dozens of people offered comments.

We offer a few more highlights, or lowlights, depending on your taste for vitriol:
The driver's actions did not justify a physical assault or property damage. You can't break someone's windshield because they've pissed you off. The MOTHER was the one who started the physical assault by damaging the driver's car. She was the aggressor. She is the one who set the bad example for HER child, by instigating a physical confrontation...It's New York. We've all been sideswiped by a cab or a bike or a STROLLER at one point or another. Maybe you shout something rude, maybe you complain, but you don't resort to violence. It's called DEALING WITH LIVING IN A MAJOR CITY.

I think the lady overreacted, but frankly, if this happened somewhere outside of NYC, say in a small city where they actually obey traffic rules, and the driver got out of the car, he would get the shit beat out of him by the lady's husband. Bad driving is not to be defended you morons.

Threatening someone in a crosswalk with a 2000 lb. car: perfectly normal. Getting pissed off about it: "nuts".

Cars often suck but Park Slope moms are arrogant motherf**kers too-- as a cyclist who DOES obey lights/stop signs, I've been cut off in intersections more than once by some blithering yuppief**k & her SUV-stroller who can not be bothered to look OR wait. File under the same jackoffs who double park their real SUVs outside the Co-Op, do k-turns on Union St-- as if you can't drive around the block-- AND that chainstore c**ksucker Uncle Louie G-- traded in his Hummer for an Escalade-- f**k you very much everyone who "has" to buy shit there because your whining little brats insist.

So much anger. So many people ready to throw beans. Those mortgage payments must really be stressing people. A pedestrian crossing with the signal has the right of way by law, but in New York a car does by custom. Most people stop because they don't want to be hit, and then the car goes.
Us, all we can say is: Next time you're tooling through Park Slope and you would just as soon run someone down than stop when you're making a right turn, watch you ass. We're packing beans. And glass bottles of San Pellegrino. Especially the mommies.


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