Friday, July 14, 2006

Coney Island Rocks Out: Tomorrow's Siren Festival Schedule

Odds are very good you don't need Gowanus Lounge to tell you that the annual Siren Festival takes place tomorrow in Coney Island, but perhaps the schedule would be helpful? Here it is:

Main Stage (W. 10th Street off Surf)
1:00 PM Deadboy and the Elephant Men
2:00 PM The Rogers Sisters
3:00 PM Celebration
4:00 PM Tapes 'N Tapes
5:00 PM The Stills
6:00 PM She Wants Revenge
7:30 PM Scissor Sisters

Stillwell Stage (Stillwell Avenue off Surf)
1:30 PM Priestess
2:30 PM Man Man
3:30 PM Dirty on Purpose
4:30 PM Serena Maneesh
5:30 PM The Cribs
6:30 PM Art Brut
8:00 PM Stars

(Photo is from Jo Divestar on flickr)



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