Friday, July 28, 2006

Red Hook Soccer Field Weekend Food Fiesta, Part II

jugos 3

All of the restaurants that set up shop at the Red Hook soccer fields have gotten an avalanche of good press in the last couple of weeks. The spot was even named in New York's "Best Cheap Eats" roundup and ranked Number 9 on a list of 101 with four stars.

This is New York's take:
Nowhere else in the city will you find food as cheap and delicious and in such titillating profusion as at this glorious outdoor feedlot. The portable kitchens that materialize around the soccer and baseball fields weekends from late spring through early fall, marked by their blue tarps and billowing plumes of charcoal smoke, all purvey food from Central and South America at the average going rate of $2.50 a plate. There are tacos galore, and great greasy quesadillas. There is seviche from Ecuador and pupusas from El Salvador. Factor in the cost relative to the remarkable quality and freshness of the food, and the makeshift market—a triumph of ingenuity and flavor over remote locale and vending-permits red tape—easily achieves four-star status.
The outdoor restaurants are located on Bay Street, between Clinton and Court, by the soccer fields. They offer one of the most different dining experiences in all of New York City and you should make it part of any weekend trip to The Hook. Our purpose here, though, was to share some of the cool colors we captured.

fruit 1

jugos 2


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