Friday, August 25, 2006

Williamsburg's East River State Park Opening Delayed

East River State Park Gate

Williamsburg blogger i'm not sayin, i'm just sayin (INSIJS, for short) is reporting that Williamsburg's East River State Park won't be opening for the summer season. INSIJS, who has been communicating with New York State Park officials, writes that "the infrequent yet often torrential rainstorms this spring and summer caused the newly-seeded grass to not take root well enough to withstand the hundreds of hipster hooves that will inevitably pack the park."

INSIJS quotes a state official's email:
The main concept behind our beginning level of park improvements is the integration of natural succession, through native meadow type planting and grasses, with the existing historic remnants on site...We are planning remedial seeding and replacement of some plants and trees during the fall planting season. Since this part of the work depends a lot on Mother Nature, I am reluctant to give a projected opening date estimate.

I understand everybody’s desire to get onto the site. We pushed ahead with this beginning level of improvements to get the public on site as soon as we could. We expect it to be a very popular spot once it does open. That is why we are taking the added time and precaution of giving the meadow a better chance to get established before we do open. We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience in the meanwhile.
We thank INSIJS for keeping us post all spring and summer on the progress of the waterfront green space. Meantime, everyone's attention has shifted to the waterfront construction work and the fact that developers of The Edge will soon be marketing their condos out of a storefront at Bedford Avenue and N. 6th Street. East River State Park, by the way, figures prominently in the weird promotional brochure for the project.


Blogger Klynt said...

I think its total b.s. that dogs aren't allowed in the East River Park. This is Williamsburg, and so many of us here have dogs. Its a park for Petes sake! I heard theres a petition going around and I would love to get my signature on it along with many others from our building.

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