Friday, September 15, 2006

The End of Williamsburg: The Evidence is Online

North8 One

The end is near. Very, very near. Perhaps this is an overstatment, but for anyone seeking a glimpse of Williamsburg's very un-hipster investment banker Manhattan kind of future, the evidence is all over the internet. Having dealt at different points with Karl Fischer Row and all of the development around McCarren Park and Pool, we will skip over the related websites and marketing pitches. Instead, we will concentrate on a slew of newish developments. Add them up and they spell d-e-a-t-h.

Actually, make that D-E-A-T-H:

First, came the promo material for The Edge, promoting the 1.5 million square feet of new construction that will be part of Douglaston Development's highrise project. The original rumor was that they were opening a sales office on Bedford Avenue, but that turned out to be wrong.

North8 Condos and the Toll Brothers are the ones opening the sales office in the storefront that used to be occupied by Spacial. This week, Toll Brothers sort of opened up the website for North8 (screencap above). Meanwhile, photoblogger justiNYC walked over and shot some photos of the New Look Williamsburg in the sales office.

The other shoe also dropped this week when the website for Northside Piers, which is the highrise Toll Brothers waterfront development, appeared. That's the groovy screencap above.

All in all, a bad week for the Williamsburg many of us have grown to know and love, and a very good week, indeed, for those wishing to buy those $1M waterfront condos.

The first screencap below is from the Northside Piers website, the second is another shot from the North8 site.


Northside Piers

North8 Two


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So arrogant! Ask the people who used to live in Williamsburg, they'll tell you the death of Williamsburg came when all the stuck up white artists moved in. You have no right to whine about a neighborhood changing unless you were the very first person to live there.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, like the native americans.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is up with giving Gowanus Lounge a hard time? First the Park Slope RE freak and now you (unless it's still you...). If you don't like it, go find another frickin' blog. Unless you are a disgruntled blogger yourself, you have no idea of the amount of work it takes to keep a blog like this fresh and interesting. Try building a barn instead of knocking them down -- then talk.

Another Brooklyn blogger

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

native americans also came from somewhere--America belongs to the squirrels who were here long before people.

6:11 PM  

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