Tuesday, September 05, 2006

OTBKB Approaches Anniversary, Talks About Blogging

We love Louise Crawford's blogging and the photo blogging of her husband Hugh at Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn. OTBKB was the first Brooklyn blog we paid attention to and we learned a lot about how to ply this trade by reading Louise's words and looking at Hugh's photos. So, we read OTBKB's post over the weekend about celebrating a second blogging anniversary in September and were surprised to see that so much time has passed and, on the other hand, that it's been so short a time. It feels like OTBKB and all the other excellent Brooklyn blogs that we check multiple times every day have been part of the landscape forever. In reality, most of us have been around for, well, two years or less. The Brooklyn blogging landscape has grown exponentially during those 24 months and the level of coverage of our borough is superb as a result. Everyone has carved out a valuable niche and everyone's work complements each other's quite nicely.

OTBKB writes:
Early September will the the two year anniversary of Third Street (Originally called OTBKB but changed when I went more public and moved over to Typepad). It was originally on Blogger; Smartmom began there.

In February of 2005, I started this version of OTBKB. I originally envisioned it as a cross between the Village Voice and the SoHo Weekly News for Park Slope. It kind of morphed into its own thing. And now there are so many other Brooklyn blogs - we all have our special niches, our special areas of coverage, our unique tone and voice.

I can't believe I've been blogging for two years. The time just flew. And yet so much has happened. There are so many Brooklyn blogs now - we're a real community. Strength in numbers and all that: bloggers working day and night to keep this community informed and entertained.

It's a pleasure.
One of the things we value most about OTBKB and Louise's blogging, is the kindness that comes through in her work. Congratulations Louise and Hugh on helping to pave the road on which we all walk.

Oh, and to answer OTBKB's original question, "When do bloggers blog?": In our case, in the evening and early morning, then at various times during the day.


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