Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Primary Election Day is Here: Vote!

Today is Primary Election Day, which means that the number of pre-recorded political calls should fall and the volume of campaign-related mail should decrease, except for statewide offices. (We got a kick out of the testy posting on the Daily Slope complaining about the "phony" phone call from Borough President Marty Markowitz...if we'd posted irately about all the political calls we've gotten...). In any case, only voters registered with a political party can vote tomorrow.

Locally, there is an especially contested race in the 11th Congressional District, with four candidates--Carl Andrews, Yvette Clarke, Chris Owens and David Yassky--going down to the wire. Today's Post, in fact, notes that the race ended with a flood of campaign literature. (We certainly got our fair share yesterday, including one from Chris Owens that said, "No, this is not another mailing from David Yassky. It is your only piece of mail from Chris Owens." Yassky is said to have mailed out 65,000 letter that arrived on Saturday.)

The race for the 57th Assembly District has also assumed a high profile because candidate Bill Batson has made his opposition to the Atlantic Yards development a rallying cry.

The Gotham Gazette has produced a handy guide to the primary, including many useful links, including this one you can use to find your poll site.

Turnout, as in most primaries, is likely to be on the low side, so every vote will count. Make sure your voice is heard. Get out and vote.


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