Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Columbus Day Fun: Jumping from Coney Island Pier into Very Cold Water


Okay, so here's one way to have fun on Columbus Day. We were wandering around Coney Island on Monday enjoying the beautiful weather on our day off and the last day of the season in any form there, when we happened upon the scene pictured above. More than a half dozen males and females were jumping off the fishing pier in Coney into the freezing cold water, swimming back to shore and going back out to the pier and jumping again. We watched the cycle about three times, and they were still on the boardwalk end of the pier when we left around 4:30. Apparently, they do this from time to time, as one of them explained that the water wasn't that cold compared to December and January. (The water temp was about 63 degrees yesterday.)

In any case, we've got a few pics here, plus a vid we put together in a hurry that is lacking in production values, but captures the action, including one young woman doing what was clearly her first jump. Click on this link for the vid or on the video below the photos. (The guy you hear in the background was someone standing behind us, offering his opinion that the jumpers should have been diving, not jumping.)


Jump 2



Blogger Some Guy In Brooklyn said...

You sure it's so cold, I believe ocean temperatures peak around sept-oct.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Brooklyn Salt said...

Unfortunately, we were office bound for the holiday.

Surprisingly, the water is really warm this time of year. One of the Older Salts at Miramar Yacht Club told me how he anchored his boat off of Breezy Point and went for a 20 minute swim last week.

Those folks have some brass balls to jump off that pier.

12:14 PM  

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