Sunday, October 29, 2006

Coney Island Death Watch: The Eyewitness News Report

We found this embed, from a few days ago, on Kinetic Carnival, our favorite Coney Island news source. We didn't see it when it aired--it's the TV version of all the Coney eviction stories--so we figured we'd post it. It's worth a watch, as it offers the interesting perspective of some of the ride operators and business people being evicted.

Meantime, here another comment left on the Coney Island Message Board by someone with some local roots:
I know that condos are coming and there will be decibel noise ordinances passed because of it. Kiss the days of rising the Wonder Wheel at 2am goodbye in the near future. You'll see 10 or 11pm closings to accomodate the millionaires who move in.

I get a kick out of the cheerleaders here for big development. They could care less about any of you unless you are putting big money in their pockets, not nickle and dime nonsense. The fact that they want Hendersons torn down shows you how they have no respect for its past. I remember seeing Sitt in some news piece waxing poetic about bringing back Coney to its glory days and that he's a Brooklyn boy and all of this public face crap. The guys a money hungry phoney just like all of them. I don't buy any of it...
Check out the vid clip below if you didn't see it when it aired.



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