Friday, October 06, 2006

Ready for a Warholian Chairman Bruce?

We overlooked this gem the other day that was included in No Land Grab's "Eminent Domania" roundup. So, we thought we would offer it up here, because it's wonderfully funny. And, very nicely done. This was created by Lumi at No Land Grab, who is responsible for helping to comb through and spread much information about Atlantic Yards and eminent domain into the blogosphere and who is also quite the graphic artist.

BONUS: Catching up on some eminent domain-related news, we want to make sure we note that Gov. Pataki is not always a fan of taking property. Earlier this week, rejected its use for a power line that would run from upstate to New York City. The Times article about it says that, it's "an ideological departure for Mr. Pataki, who has supported energy deregulation and advocated business development throughout his tenure."

DOUBLE BONUS: Check out the new Atlantic Yards lawsuit, Williams v. Ratner, which alleges, among other things that Forest City Ratner used "thuglike" tactics to try to pressure a property owner in the footprint of its project into selling, including keeping tabs on him with a video camera,


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