Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Are You Having Technical Difficulties With GL?

We know you may have difficulties with us depending on your point of view on certain issues, but this question is about whether you've been experiencing any technical problems. We ask because Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn writes "Here's what happens when I go there: it takes a really long time to load and often I can't scroll down to see what's on the blog. I've had to force quit Firefox while on GL because I can't close the screen.

I suspect these problems have something to do with the video on there. I have this problem with all three of my computers. It's very annoying because I love the blog and depend on the info I get over there."

We've been planning a move to a real server and use new software for a long time, only to be distracted by the constant crush of ongoing work.

In any case, if any of you have issues with the site's slowness (we've cut the retention time of what's on screen to five days) or with things freezing up, please let us know either by comment or by emailing gowanuslounge (at) gmail (dot) com.


Blogger dalton said...

Nope - it loads up quite quickly and I can see everything just fine. I'm using Firefox on a Mac, if that's useful information.

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No problems here. (firefox/PC)

10:24 AM  
Anonymous yoshi said...

If you need any assistance or suggestions on hosting, I'd be glad to give you my experiences. I've had problems here and there with GL load times.

12:55 AM  

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