Friday, November 03, 2006

Brooklyn Moron Du Jour

There's dumb and there's stupid, but then there's really moronic. We couldn't pass on this story because it's so funny in its own tragic-comic way and less offensive than Brooklyn's teen Hitler. We go to the copy and paste from today's Post:
A bungling bandit - paroled in September for robbing three Brooklyn banks in 2004 - is up to his old tricks, cops say.

Ronald Crudup, 27, was busted Wednesday after he attempted two birdbrained bank robberies right out of Woody Allen's "Take the Money and Run," law-enforcement sources said.

On Halloween, he passed a note at an Apple branch in Carroll Gardens - but the teller refused to read it. They passed it back and forth several times before he got frustrated and fled.

The next day he tried a Chase branch in Park Slope. But the teller asked him if he had a bank card, while passing the note to a colleague - who called cops.

Police busted him after reviewing surveillance tapes.

In 2004, Crudup was convicted of stealing nearly $10,000 from banks.

On one occasion, he was handed $1,200 with a dye pack in the stacks of bills.

When he ran outside the bank, the dye pack exploded, sending bills flying.
The teller asked him if he had a bank card? There must be some interesting things in the Chase training manual.


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