Friday, November 03, 2006

Sweet'n Low's Brooklyn Milestone

Don't look now, but the 500 billionth packet of Sweet'n Low rolled off the assembly line at the sugar substitute manufacturer's plant across the street from the Brooklyn Navy Yard this week. (Did you even know that Sweet'n Low came from Brooklyn?) The milestone is reported in the new Brooklyn Papers, which notes that the "granulated sugar substitute" was invented here in Brooklyn in 1957, the year the Dodgers departed for Chavez Ravine in LA.

Packet number 500 billion was given to the Brooklyn Historical Society, where it is unlikely to end up in a cup of coffee. While times were tough for a while, Sweet'n Low has seen an upswing in popularity in recent years because of diabetes. (Really bad news is always someone's good news.) Should be a while for packet 1 trillion, though.


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