Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wollman Rink Skating Open for Season

You know it's the holidays and winter in Brooklyn when the Wollman Rink in Prospect Park opens for business. Well, today is the day. The Wollman is offically open for the winter ice skating season (although in practical terms, the day may be tomorrow). The schedule is: Monday 8:30AM-2PM, Tuesday 8:30AM-5PM, Wednesday 8:30AM-3PM, Thursday 8:30AM-6PM, Friday 8:30AM-9PM, Saturday 10AM-1PM, 2PM-6PM, 7PM-10PM and Sunday 10AM-1PM, 2PM-6PM. The rink is open today (11/23) from 10AM until 1PM and from 2PM to 6PM. It's open tomorrow (11/24) from 10AM to 9PM.

A little history: The rink was added to Prospect Park by everyone's favorite planner and park chief, Robert Moses (who also added the Prospect Park Bandshell and some playgrounds). The land was originally Music Island, a tiny island with a stage facing the audiences in the park's Concert Grove. (Creation of the rink was not universally popular. It altered Prospect Park Lake and interfered with the original design. There are plans to build a new rink and to restore the original landscaping.)

In any case, admission for adults is $5. It is $3 for children 14 and under and for senior citizens. Skate rentals is $5.50. All of those bruises you'll get on your backside are priceless.

More information is available here. (Please Note: The opening depends on the weather, which is not looking good for ice skating today. Check the website when you decide to go this weekend.)

[Photo courtesy of ginatrapani/flickr]


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