Thursday, December 14, 2006

GL (Again) Victimized by Time Warner "Road Runner" Meep Creep

If you're a very early morning reader, we apologize that a few posts lacked complete links early on. This was because our superb--excellent, wonderful, best of the best--Time Warner Road Runner service was on the blink again. Whether it was just us or the neighborhood, we don't know. We updated everything once we were outside of Timewarnerstan. Given that our connection problems see to go one for days and days once they start, we're keeping our fingers crossed. Meantime, we simply say: Meep. Meep. Yeah, right. And this: Not that we love Verizon DSL either, but will you clowns get your act together and offer DSL in GL's neck of the woods so that we can lose the Road Runner.


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