Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Hello, My Name Is.... Project


Photoblogger Dalton Rooney, whose blog seriously excited! is something we have dug from when we found it in the old days when it was mlik, has been producing a brilliant photo series called Hello, My Name Is... He's been printing images of Brooklyn landmarks on those "Hello My Name Is..." tags that we all hate to wear at meetings and events, and then, photographing the stickers with the real landmark in the frame. We ran several of the photos, and even thought that his pic of the Cyclone in Coney Island was one of the best we'd seen of the landmark. The latest, seen above, is of the Brooklyn Bridge. Check out Gothamist's cool post about the series and the description of seriously excited! as "one of the current bright lights of the NYC photoblogging scene." It's a description with which we wholeheartedly concur. Dalton is also posting the results of the Hello My Name Is... Project over at flickr. It's a super idea for a photo series. Keep 'em coming, Dalton.


Blogger dalton said...

I'm blushing, seriously.

But yes, I think there are plenty more to come. I am having a lot of fun taking these pictures.

After I get 10 - 15 from Brooklyn, I'm heading to the other boroughs. Who knows...maybe there's a book of postcards in my future?

12:14 PM  

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