Thursday, December 21, 2006

Roebling Oil Field Gets Drilling Rig

Roebling Oil Field Crane

Yes, we've been paying a lot of attention to the oil pit development site in Williamsburg on Roebling between N. 10th and N. 11th with oil oozing out of the ground that we have called a number of things including the Roebling Oil Field and Pennzoil Place. In any case, a big ass drilling rig construction crane has appeared outside the site, no doubt to help with the foundation which is being built atop the slimy and frightening ooze remediated parcel. The corner still smells like an oil field in Kuwait, but we're confident the petroleum stench will fade and all will be well as the foundation work on McCarren Park Mews continues. Meantime, breathe deep. You'd otherwise have to take a cruise down Newtown Creek or head to the ass end of the Gowanus where the oil is leaking into the canal to get that heady petrochemical scent.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live right around the corner from there and called 311 to complain about the stink. A couple days later an inspector showed up, went to my next-door neighbor's building (just a normal building) and said that I had called in about a smell coming from THAT building! There is a stinky cabbage processing plant on one corner and that oil-filled field on the other and the inspector was such an incompetent moron (with no sense of smell) that he just picked a random building and questioned them about their odor. Of course I wasn't home and they never contacted me again.

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