Sunday, January 28, 2007

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: You Wear Excellent Pantyhose

Sunday = Our favorite Brooklyn Craigslist Missed Connection--pathos, comedy and heartbreak, all in one place--on Craigslist. We've got to say that we had a hard time making up our mind. We enjoyed this one, from the guy who found some panties in his laundry, but it was more of a weird lost and found than a Missed Connection. We also must say that we dug this one about the female talking to herself at Baked in Red Hook and this one to the guy who works out with a friend who reads Penthouse Forum on the treadmill at the Y and goes outside to smoke.

All that having been said, this week's award goes to:
Pink hat, N Train, panty hose, black boots with zipper on the side? - m4w - 28

I feel dumb for doing this but I just have to! I hope you look on here hon. We got on the same time at the bay parkway station. You had pink furry gloves and hat,panty hose that i was looking at quite a few times heh , i think pink coat also. I know you had three different shades of pink on with those black boots. Sat about 3 feet away from each other...I really wanted to sit next to you and start were so lovely! But I was going on an audition so i had to go over my monologue to myself. We kept glancing at each other and you distracted me from my monologue very much!! I had a beard, longish dark hair, brown coat, and chewing gum later on during the ride. We had our eyes on each other when you got off and sat in the other train across from me. I hope you read this and are interested. I'd love to talk and continue together. Write soon
Ray xox
"I had to go over my monologue to myself." That would mean you were talking to yourself while checking out her pantyhose? Cool.


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