Thursday, January 25, 2007

Watching the I Am Legend Shoot from Brooklyn

I am Legend Shoot

[Photo courtesy of Montag007 on flickr]

We haven't made it over to watch any of the I Am Legend movie shoot around the Brooklyn Bridge, but there are some cool pics posted Bluejake, BlueJoel, rebeccacrumley, Montag007 and others. (You can see all the iamlegend tagged flickr photos here, and we're sure there are others tagged differently.) There's also a post with great pics over at Gothamist and a post today at Brooklyn Record. A friend of Gowanus Lounge that made the trek down to the East River reports:
I wandered up to the Fulton landing last night and it was fun to watch. Well for at least 15 mins as the cold wind was blowing hard.

Lots of big lights set up on the landing and pointed towards the bridge so it was definitely lit a lot more than usual. They'd also set up 'fake' police lights. Lots of boats and tugs in the water with, I'm guessing cameras/lights and then safety vessels also. What was most impressive was two Black Hawk (I think) helicopters flying under the bridge. I think one was filming the other, hard to tell but very impressive 'copter moves. Main point of the shoot at that hour - 10.30pm or so - was a very fast moving Circle Line boat, speeding from the Manhattan shores towards Brooklyn. And in between takes it looked like they had to let some of the huge cargo tankers through...them passing through the big movie spotlights was quite a good photo op. Had I had a camera!

Anyway I think it carries on for a few days - less spectators if those single digit winds hit our shores. But interesting to watch and see some people reacting when they didn't realize it was a movie.

We wonder what people that don't know about the film shoot think when they see all the action, like that Circle Line boat above packed with people in Montag007's pic.


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